The Leaders in Digital Signage

QualiTV has been leading the Israeli digital signage market since 2008. The company offers unique end-to-end cloud-based digital signage solutions to major businesses and media integrators in Israel. To capitalize on the huge potential market, QTV has developed SmartAd.

The Unresolved Issues of Digital Signage

The Digital Signage market has several weaknesses resulting in high cost of ownership and slow mass-market reach:

  • Content – Digital signs require relevant content and frequent updates to attract consumers and audience.

  • ROI – Lower value for screen owners than initially expected.

  • Lack of interoperability – "Walled garden" digital signage platforms, with no common standard and no single aggregated portal for content and ads.


The Perfect Solution: Capitalize on Crowd Power for Digital Signage

SmartAd is the social network of digital signage  


  • Anyone can post and contribute content, creating a content cloud, to be used by screen owners.

  • Sophisticated algorithms ensure that screens are constantly updated with attractive and relevant contents. 

  • Connecting to ad exchange networks and enabling local and community advertisers direct access to screens, guaranteeing high ROI for every screen.

  • An integrated billing system validates the payment flow between advertisers, screen owners and content providers.

  • Seamless incorporation into existing digital signage systems ensures interoperability, enabling access to the huge installed base of digital signs.

Competitive Advantage

In addition to our unique technology, SmartAd is the only system that:

  • Takes advantage of crowd power for contents, ads, and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Brings together the powerful business models of social media, the cloud and the web to maximize the benefits of digital signage.

  • Offers a feasible ROI model for digital signage integrators and users.

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