Screen owners can register screens into the SmartAd network and instantly get content and ads with accordance to their specific screen characteristics.

They can specify the location, type of business, type of crowd and other parameters, select some initial content and the system will continuously feed the screen with relevant and interesting content.

Screen owners can also show ads on their screens and get paid for it.


Content providers can post content to our content library. This library is open to all, and screen owners will see this content when they register their screens or whenever they want to manually select content.

Content is rated with accordance to screen owners’ selection, viewers’ reactions and our algorithms. Rating is done for relevance and quality. High quality content gets priority to be shown on screens, so that we ensure that screen owners always get the highest quality and most relevant content for their business.

Local Advertisers
Local and community advertisers can post their ads, select screens to show them and pay with accordance to the actual number of times and screens that their ad was displayed at.
They can select the screens, layout of the ad, days, time of day, start and stop the ad at any time. Thus they enjoy flexibility and targeted advertising within their community.

Global Advertisers

We enable advertising networks and direct advertisers to take advantage of using OTT for showing their image or video ads on thousands of screens at known locations.

SmartAd connects screen owners, content providers and advertisers


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